About Us

Packing Penguin was built by Qiong Zhou Huang and Coby Sontag with help from Endar Li, Sam Belliveau, and Michelle Zhang.

Started as a tool to help us pack for moving on campus next semester, we hope that Packing Penguin can make your packing experience easier and more organized.

Praise for Packing Penguin

Packing Penguin LITERALLY changed my life! It helped me pack not just the things I need for college but everything that I need in life! Packing Penguin helped me get cuffed! Packing Penguin helped me find a job!”
- Beric Ben, Cornell '24

“It’s like moving-in day on a college campus, except a large percentage of the people involved are middle-aged, in suits, and, along with you, charged with running the most powerful nation on earth. [ ... I highly recommend Packing Penguin! ]”
- Excerpt From A Promised Land, Barack Obama

If I'd known how much packing I'd have to do, I'd have run again. [ ... but then I found Packing Penguin! ... and it saved my Presidency! ]
- President Harry Truman, 1953